Low Vision Devices (Kindle, iPad)

Electronic reading devices, such as the Kindle, allow the user to adust the font to a wide range of sizes with the press of a button.  The iPad allows the reader to zoom images and text by "pinching and expanding" ones fingers in addition to pushing a button.

Kindles and iPads offer excellent contrast, and the latter offers brilliant colors.  The wireless feature allows portability and comes in screens as large as almost 10 inches.  By trying out various devices at the vendor’s store, people with AMD can find the reader best suited for them.


Accessability Becoming Standard Fare For Many Electronics

Technological advances in electronic devices, such as the iPad and iPhone 4, both from Apple, are increasingly targeted towards visually impaired people. Both devices have a zoom feature, a white on black option, and a screen reading feature that are easily controlled with your fingers by touching the screen. They also have special features for those with hearing impairments. Most computers also come with special features for visually impaired people, and the Apple Computer models are particularly comprehensive and easy to use.

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